Hoton Clay Club


      Clay pigeon shooting in the East Midlands


Hoton Clay Club Photo Album


Fibre Wad Only 


 Young lady shooter at Hoton Clay Club (the rusty barrels have now gone!)
 Learning to clay shoot Leicestershire
 Nice gun handing
 Clay pigeon shooting Lecestershire
 The Committee at play
 Clay shoot south Nottinghamshire
 Mr Blonde, Mr Orange, Mr Pink and Mr White. Nice Guy Eddie scoring!
 Reservoir Dogs |clay shooting club leicestershire east midlands
 Possible UFO over Wymeswold
 UFO over Wymeswold
 The Usual Suspects
 The Usual Suspects Clay shooting east midlands rutland melton mowbray
 The queue for SpecSavers!
 Queue for SpecSavers
 We don't encourage wearing baseball caps this way round. (Chris!)
 Blue skys at Hoton Clay Club
 Queuing for the little boys room?
 Queue for the Men's bush
 George putting a spot of powder in the pan
 Richard's Post Office gun
 CPSA finger pointy thing going on, nice!
 Wind Turbine at Hoton Clay Club
 End of an era, the old containers go to scrap
 New cabins
 new kitchen?
 hard at work

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